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Bringing Baby #2 Home

The arrival of a new baby can be overwhelming for parents. Normal worries, like finding time for both children, giving attention to your older child, or simply managing two young children at once can keep any expecting mother up at night!

Here are some tips for bringing baby #2 home and making the transition smoother:

Make a list of who you can ask for help! Identifying supports, whether partners, family, friends, babysitters or others is important.  Asking loved ones to pitch in with meals, laundry and other household chores can make a huge difference! It also helps if they can spend time with your older child when you're exhausted after a long day with the new baby. Have a hard time asking for help? Make a list of daily/weekly tasks that often need to be done in your home and put it on the fridge. The next time a loved asks how to help, you have a ready-made list with options they can choose from!  Accepting help from friends and family members allows new mothers time to rest and recover after giving birth while still providing quality time with the baby.

Get ready in advance. Even if this isn't your first rodeo, getting ready for another child is no easy task. Make sure you have plenty of diapers (and wipes), formula or food in stock; make sure you have enough clothes for everyone; get extra bottles ready; and make sure you have enough room in your vehicle (or stroller) for everything else that comes along with a newborn baby! Make sure everyone has their own space. An infant needs only a safe place to sleep, while toddlers need their own room or area in the house where they can play without getting into trouble!

Create a schedule for feeding times and naps. Establishing a routine is important for both children and parents alike. You'll want to make sure that each child gets enough sleep so they don't end up cranky and fussy all day long! With that being said, try to not obsess over sleep and feeding schedules. Many parents can get lost in the weeds here! Do your best to make a schedule that works for your family but allow flexibility.

Set aside time just for yourself every day. It's easy to get caught up in caring for two children — especially when one is still so young — but it's important for parents to take time out for themselves as well! Take a walk around the block or go grocery shopping alone once in awhile. Feel like it is impossible to create time for yourself? Use “micro-moments” throughout your day, such as taking 5-7 deep breaths while changing a diaper or washing your hands.