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Expecting Parents: Join this workshop to learn strategies & prepare to protect your mental health in the fourth trimester!

Emotional Health in the 4th Trimester by a Perinatal Mental Health Expert

Next Date: TBD

Prior Workshop: September 21st 12:00-1:30pm CST       


Introducing a mental health plan for the fourth trimester! Participants will leave this workshop with an individualized workbook targeted at important fourth trimester (the first three months following childbirth) topics such as how to protect mental health when navigating sleep disruptions, infant feeding, recognizing postpartum mood and anxiety symptoms vs baby blues, and much more!

Led by Dr. Vanessa Houdek, a clinical psychologist certified in perinatal (postpartum) mental health (PMH-C) and sponsored by Everyday Empowered Clinical Services, Ltd. This workshop is encouraged for participants currently expecting a child through pregnancy, surrogacy, or adoption as well as participants actively in the fourth trimester. All individuals and family constellations are welcome. 

Remember…. a little prep work can go a long way! A parent’s emotional health during pregnancy and in the postpartum period can easily be overlooked when adjusting to a newborn at home. Many new as well as seasoned parents experience a wide range of anxiety and mood symptoms in adjusting to parenthood or an expanding family. Understanding how to best support yourself while also looking out for red flags for postpartum mood and anxiety disorders is important.

***Disclaimer: please note that this workshop and workbook is meant as a resource to support emotional health and wellness. It is NOT intended as a replacement for counseling or psychotherapy services when needed. This workshop does NOT constitute a professional or therapeutic relationship with the presenter or with Everyday Empowered Clinical Services, Ltd. This workshop is EDUCATIONAL in nature only and is not open to active EECS clients***


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