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Maternal mental health

There are unique challenges throughout motherhood that extend beyond the first year postpartum that impact a mother's mental health and emotional well-being. Each unique phase of childhood can bring its own stressors to navigate for a mother. Mothers tend to hold the "mental load" of raising children as well as balancing professional careers, siblings and family planning, managing social calendars, connecting within marriages and relationships, extended family and friends, and so on and on and on. Often, mothers tend to prioritize others above themselves and often find little to no time, energy, or desire to focus on their own well-being.

Finding a non-judgmental space to simply breathe, reconnect with a sense of self, learn stress management techniques and change your relationship to stress, finding balance and presence, and connecting to true values and intentions is possible. Challenging "mom guilt" and understanding how to better respond versus reacting within daily life can create lasting change.

When a mother is well, a family is well.