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    The EECS approach to counseling services is centered on creating a warm and supportive space. Each client is understood as a unique person with the ability to actively engage in therapy and work with the therapist to meet unique therapy goals.

    EECS believes in the power of research and science and relies on evidenced-based practices in treatment. Examples include use of cognitive-behavioral (understanding the connection between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors within context) interpersonal (understanding relationships and social roles) and trauma-informed approaches. Mindfulness is often utilized as well.

    Education & Training

    Dr. Houdek obtained her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Roosevelt University in 2013 and was licensed as a clinical psychologist in 2014. She is a perinatal mental health expert (PMH-C) and holds a certificate in clinical child and family studies. Her clinical experiences have ranged to meet the needs of children, adolescents, adults and families with a variety of emotional and behavioral health concerns. Dr. Houdek’s doctoral internship and post-doctoral residency focused on trauma therapy and assessment, including providing trauma and attachment focused treatment to survivors of childhood abuse, neglect, and other trauma.

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    The name Everyday Empowered reflects the mission of this practice to provide counseling services aimed at helping YOU recognize your inner strength, honor YOUR core worth, feel a sense of control over life and make genuine and positive change in YOUR life. 

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    About Dr. Houdek

    I don’t recognize myself anymore…Will this ever get better? Do other people feel this way? 

    I am a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in “Moms,” working mostly with women throughout different phases of motherhood including those trying to conceive, soon-to-be, new and seasoned mothers. Protecting and supporting mental health throughout each phase may look different for each client; however, my approach is always centered on creating a warm, supportive and relatable space. I focus on connection and find space for humor. I normalize so much of what women experience along this journey in becoming “Mom” but also provide real skills to use in daily life. I rely on evidenced-based practices, often incorporating cognitive-behavioral (understanding the connection between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors) interpersonal and relational (understanding relationships and social roles) as well as trauma-informed approaches. Mindfulness is used to ground and increase presence. 

    If you are searching for support related to pregnancy and postpartum mental health such as fertility difficulties, pregnancy loss/infant loss, traumatic birth, coping with a NICU stay, anxiety/depression during pregnancy/postpartum period, or adjustment to parenthood CONNECT TODAY. Why wait another day to improve your life?

    Outside of the postpartum period? Dr. Houdek recognizes each phase of motherhood as uniquely challenging and welcomes clients beyond the first year postpartum to support overall maternal mental health.  

    Of course, dads and partners are welcome too!

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